Monday, 2 July 2012

Richard Branson

Back in March I traveled to Los Angeles. And like, so, like, I met someone...

I was there to have some meetings for a romantic comedy I had written and ended up experiencing the real thing first hand. If you knew the subject and goings on in the script, I think you'd join me in chuckling at the prophetic life imitating art thing.

I returned to England and knew my sights had been changed. I'm currently trying to get my head around VISA stuff - not an easy business. But, I'm hoping Mr Richard Branson can help me... Upon my return to the homeland, I swiftly found a job in an attempt to save as much money as possible, but, I thought it wouldn't hinder proceedings if I wrote to Virgin Atlantic asking them for a free one!

Below is a link to the letter I sent. The leading lady of this story flew over to the UK a month or so after I returned and has been here for the past 6 weeks. She flew back to the States yesterday. Cue emotional Facebook statuses and teary eyes brought on by not much at all. Yesterday's favourites include 'Viva Forever' by the Spice Girls and 'Cheaper By The Dozen 2'.

Virgin Atlantic replied about 2 weeks after I sent it saying that they couldn't help. But, I'm not stopping there. Next destination = straight to Mr Branson's secretary. Will let you know the outcome. If you know anyone who can help in this regard, please email me on

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